The Dolly Bird 2.0

And just like that, the first week in 2020 is over.

Whilst in previous years I would have my resolutions and intentions for the year ahead already confirmed, this year has been a bit different, but one thing I am going to commit to is the return of my beloved Dolly Bird blog.

Launched in 2017, the Dolly Bird blog was something I had SO much fun doing. From documenting exciting events and reviews, as well as the brilliant #DTHDating with my friends from Down the Hatch, it was a place where I could write down exactly what I wanted to say.

But, as so often happens, life got in the way and my blog fell to the wayside. I debated at times restarting but couldn’t commit the time and effort to it.

That was until now.

Alex Morritt once said, “New year – a new chapter, new verse or just the same old story? Ultimately, we write it. The choice is ours.”

For me, I’m hoping 2020 is going to be a new chapter. There are many things I want to achieve, both personally and professionally. I’m looking forward to the people I’m going to meet, the opportunities and experiences that are ahead and the challenges that I will be setting for myself.

Even as I write this, I feel a sense of excitement that I haven’t had in a long time. Hopefully this is something you’ll enjoy sharing with me – the good, the bad AND the Ugly!

Here’s to The Dolly Bird 2.0.


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