Lets Talk About Dating…

Blind Date

Talk about a Rock N’ Roll Saturday night?!  Sitting in front of a roaring fire, glass of wine in hand watching the X Factor and I’m not going to lie, I love it!

The problem being, I’m 30 and not 60.

Technically I should be hitting the town and getting drunk with friends whilst looking for my Mister Right?! WRONG!

As it’s announced this week that a new dating app ‘Hinge’ has been launched, which allows your friends to play Cupid and match you with potential suitors, it got me thinking about my own dating life.

I don’t necessarily feel the need to be with someone right now as after a pretty rough breakup, and months of feeling inadequate and anxious, I’ve been feeling very content lately.

However, it got me thinking that maybe my friends would see something in someone that I don’t? I mean, they know most things about me and what I like, so who better to take control of my dating life?

What started as a throwaway comment to my friends Lynsey and Robert over at Down the Hatch NI has now turned into #DTHDating!

So, starting in October, I’ll be going on my first EVER blind date – well, four blind dates actually! 🙈

With one date each week, the suitor (selected by Lynsey and Robert) and I will be hitting the bars and cafes around Belfast to see how they rate for dates.

Whilst blind dating isn’t something that I had ever considered doing, I’m looking forward to meeting the eligible bachelors and seeing how we get on!

I’ll be keeping my followers updated on our Blind Dates before, during and after (if we make it that far) so don’t forget to follow me and feel free to offer any blind dating tips you may have!

You can follow Lynsey and Robert over at @DownTheHatchNI if you’re a foodie looking for your next fix (OR if you’re an eligible bachelor looking to go on a blind date!) 😉